Learn to play D & D with a dedicated game master. This program is designed for players aged 12+ as the content is rated PG13. We will allow younger players upon request.

No special equipment is needed but you will need a computer/laptop or tablet as well as a high speed connection. Limited number of players per timeslot.

Price is $50/player or connection and will run daily for one week (5 classes from M-F)

* Currently offering morning sessions but may offer afternoon or evening sessions based on demand!


The camp will be running from Monday, June 22, to Friday June 26, at 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. every day.  Age range is 12+, but I will allow younger players as long as it is cleared with us ahead of time, and as long as parents understand that the setting is rated PG13. I am adding puzzle elements so that MOST combats can be resolved peacefully, as long as the Player Characters (PCs) are willing to look for these kinds of solutions. We are also not using an adventure path, but we are writing our own mini adventure. The attendees have the option to pick their own kind of character with us ahead of time (they will have options on Race and Class, and personality/backstory elements, but I can also pick these things for the players) PCs will be CORE ONLY. This means that all the information for the characters can be found in the Players Handbook. Monsters and setting may have elements of home brewing, but all character information will be in this simple, easy to use guide, should players want to purchase their own book. However, this book is not necessary for play, as all relevant information will be provided, but if players want more complete information, this book is great and is available in pdf form and hard copy.


 We will be using Roll20, and because of how it works, players will have to make their own accounts for it. Information on that will be provided prior to the start date. 


The sessions will proceed as follows:


Session 0: This is to get to know their characters and the setting. I will run the players through the first few pages of the Players Handbook to get them acquainted with how their characters were created, as well as what some of the numbers mean on the Character Sheets. If there is time (And I expect there will be plenty) The players will get to dive into the first part of the story.

Sessions 1-4: This is for the actual story - players will start at Level 1, but should be level 3 by the time things are over, so they will get the opportunity to see how their characters get better over time. There will also be time for input on how players want to level their characters.


Adventure Synopsis:

When young Rosa Scarlet went off to visit her grandmother at the family library, no one thought anything of it. When it began to grow dark, people started to worry. When the howling started, they began to ask for volunteers.

The village of Fable isn’t well known for its heroes, but the dark wood is known for its strange creatures. Only together will you stand a chance of rescuing Rosa from whatever fate has befallen her.

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