• Sep 13, 2018
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  • Maea Wagner

Social Media has been buzzing about the recent disappearances plaguing Saskatoon and the surrounding area as of late. It's all anyone can talk about, and rumours and speculation abound, but there is no evidence as to what happened to them. No bodies have been found. In fact, it's as though they vanished into thin air. Now, your friends have gone missing too.

You've looked all over the city for them, put up posters, called every person you know to try and find them; you even held a candlelight vigil, but to no avail. You reported them missing to the police, but the detective just ran you in circles and was no help at all. Finally, out of desperation you decide to hire someone to hack their cell phones to try and track them. To your surprise, you learn that one of the phones pinged off a cell phone tower up north, deep in the woods.

You know your friends, and you know that their idea of camping is renting a hotel room in Banff. There is no way they all decided spur-of-the-moment to go on a hiking trip to the wilderness. You feel obligated to make one final attempt to involve the police but are waved away. Frustrated, you decided to take matters into your own hands. Armed with some buddies, a backpack, and your wits, you are going up north to find your missing friends!

You travel deep into the woods until you find a small, locked cabin, and you are certain that if you can only get inside, you will find out what happened to your friends. You just hope you aren't too late.

There seem to be clues strewn around outside the cabin. You must hurry and figure out what they mean as whoever left them here may return at any moment! Even worse, night is falling, a storm is rolling in and it's impossible to tell if that rustling in the bushes you hear is merely a small, harmless animal or the deranged scrabbling of the lunatic who owns this place.

As the light fades and the storm rages on, your time ticks away and so does your hope of finding your friends and getting out of the woods in one piece. Will you find your friends and escape the sinister cabin in the woods? Or will you join them and become TRAPPED!

Book now and try your hand at the newest interactive escape adventure from Breakout Escapes. Trapped is located at our second location: Breakout Escape and Game Lounge on Faithfull Ave and 50th Street.

  • Original Location: 805 48th Street, Saskatoon --- The Game Lounge: 103 2750 Faithfull Ave, Saskatoon

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