Games of Mystery at The Game Lounge

  • Sep 11, 2018
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  • Roberta Alton

Board Games! Board Games! Board Games!

We wouldn’t be much of a Game Lounge without our extensive library

with hundreds of Board Games.

One of our most popular categories of board games are our escape room board games and our mystery board games. These are some of our most played games in the lounge. We have the largest library of mystery style games in Saskatoon and we are adding to it every week!


These escape room style games do not have a board as they are card based. These are cooperative games which means that everyone playing is playing together on the same team to try and solve the mystery before your hour runs out. These games are very escape room-like and loads of fun to play. They do require you to download a free app on your device that tracks your game time, provides hints and clues, as well as some of the puzzles that you need to solve in your game. Don’t worry as we provide free wifi here, at the Game Lounge. Each game includes a quick 10 minute, super easy tutorial so that you understand how to play the game before beginning.

There are various categories of Unlock! games including Escape Adventures, Mystery Adventures and Secret Adventures and there are numerous game titles under each category. Each game also has a difficulty rating from 1-3 locks. We suggest that you start with a one lock game such as House on the Hill or Noside Story and work your way up to the more difficult games.

These games are the most played games in our library. The best part is that we also sell both the Unlock! Games as well as the Exit escape room games to take home and play or to give to friends and family. The Unlock! Games can be replayed again and again making them great for sharing with friends once you have finished the game. At only $20/game it’s a great gift!


Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

Enter the world of Sherlock Holmes and Professor Watson and test your wits against the famous detective. Can you solve the crime before the Sherlock?

Each game comes with a number of cases that need to be solved. It is best to solve the cases in order as previous cases may hold clues that can be used in subsequent cases. In each case you are presented with a mystery to solve and you must collect the information, question the witnesses, and follow the evidence through victorian London as you visit various locations to search out informants, information and clues. These cases will challenge your deductive abilities. This is not a board game but it is similar to an escape room as you must follow the clues and race to solve the mystery. Good Luck detective!

Watson and Holmes

A fun deductive game for 2-7 players, Watson and Holmes is game where aspiring detectives attempt to solves cases directly from the pages of Professor Watson’s diary. The game is set in Victorian England and the object is to visit the right places, interview the right suspects and solve the mystery before anyone else. Unlike the previous games, this is a competitive game where you are competing against the other players to be the first to solve the mystery before you. The first player who thinks they have found the solutions to the case must travel to 221B Bakers street and see if their answers are correct. If they are incorrect, they are out of the game and the game continues until one player is able to solve all the case questions correctly.  This is a light deduction game that does not require any heavy mental thinking. We will provide you with pencils and notepads so you can keep track of your investigations and deductions as you play.

Holmes: Sherlock and Watson

In this game for 2 players, a terrible crime has been committed and Mycroft holmes has been commissioned to investigate the crime. The two greatest minds in London must now face each other! This is fairly simple game to learn and play. The game only lasts 7 rounds and has great replayability as each round may or may not have different character with different abilities that changes how the game is played each time. It is a fun easy game for a team of 2 that can be played in 15-20 minutes. It’s perfect for a night out at the Game Lounge!


This game is a classic ‘who donnit’ that many of us grew up playing. The purpose of the game is to travel throughout the Clue mansion visiting various rooms on the game board trying to deduce who committed the crime, where and with what weapon. One weapon card, one character card and one room card are removed from the deck and placed in a secret envelope; these are the answer to the game. Players are then dealt the rest of the cards and the game begins. Players move around the game and make accusations to the other players. By uncovering what cards each player has in their hand, you can deduce how the crime was committed. Be the first to get to the answer to win.

The original version of clue was published in 1949 and there have been many different versions printed since then. Join us in the Game Lounge for the classic game that paved the way for all the mystery games we have today.


If you like clue, you will love Mysterium. It’s a great ‘who dunnit’ like clue but a lot more fun. You play as a psychic medium trying to uncover a crime ( who, where and with what). One player plays as the ghost who, unable to speak, gives you visions instead that you must interpret to solve the crime. These visions are visual clues that may have some hint buried within them that the ghost wishes to tell the medium. The problem with visions is that they aren’t so easy to understand. This is where laughter and hilarity ensues. This is a super fun game but is best played with more than 2 players.

These are just some of the great escape game and mystery games we have in the Game Lounge at Breakout Escapes. Why don’t you come down and try out a few of them this week?

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