CORPORATE Escapes are the best kind!

  • Jul 05, 2018
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Team-building is a term that may be the most important one in a successful corporate team environment.

Your company probably has a mission statement that influences everything you do. Quite often, these statements are grounded in a set of core values. From the services you provide to the way you interact with your customers and the public, your core values are at the heart of what you do and why you do it. Every so often, it’s good to reinforce these values with your employees. But how can you do that in a creative and exciting way? How can you motivate your employees to work for a shared goal and a shared perspective when it comes not only to your bottom line, but your atmosphere and environment?

Well, Breakout Escape Rooms has the answer.

Our creative and immersive escape room games are designed in a way to bring people together and work alongside each other for a shared goal. They are an easy, fast, and fun refresher in the ideals that drive a business towards success.

Every business that deals with clients and customers on a day to day basis will thrive or falter based on the effectiveness of its employees. Employee engagement is also dependant on how employees view their employer’s perspective of them. If a company cares enough to build rapport and connection within their team of employees, engagement is sure to increase, resulting in a much healthier and more productive workplace.

Escape room games allow your employees to come together to solve a problem they’ve never faced before, like being Trapped in a Cabin in the Woods with no idea how you got there, being the last hope of defense against a Nuclear World War or doing all you can to find out what happened to your favorite University Professor, Found Dead in his Study.

Escape room games can also improve morale and teamwork within your organization, as well as make your employees feel worthy and appreciated, as it gives them a fun and interactive time away from the office in an environment that promotes socialization. Here’s a quick rundown of why escape room games are great for corporate team building:

1) Escape room games build problem-solving skills. Want to ramp up your employees’ reactions to issues that pop up during the workday? See what happens when they’re lost in an Amazon forest with no way out unless they solve a hieroglyphic puzzle that takes all of them to complete!

2) Escape room games develop creativity. There’s no better way to break out of old thought patterns than by challenging your team through active entertainment! Even though each escape room is built in a certain way, with specific puzzles, the experiences are always different. That is because of the vast range of personalities of the people who partake in them. Having your employees working through an escape room will not only embrace the creative spirit of those whose creativity is worn on their sleeve, but for those who may be a little more inside their own box it helps to bring it out in some exciting and unexpected ways.

3) Escape room games motivate your employees. A trip to Breakout Escape Rooms will help your employees stretch their boundaries and develop a newfound confidence in their leadership skills. If you are unsure which of your employees is best able to handle a leadership role when it comes down to difficult situations, there is nothing better than locking a handful of them in a room and seeing which ones rise to the occasion.

The reason why escape room games are so great for corporate team-building is because as the employees use clues to escape within the allotted time, they’ll have to think in ways that are outside their normal routines. And we all want employees and tram members to be thinking outside the box. Those who may not know each other too well will need to learn how to trust each other; those who have worked together a long time will discover new things about each other as they use different skills they may never have watched each other use before. It’s much more than just a “staff party” or “social excursion”. An escape room game is a bonding experience that allows us to learn about those around ourselves, and count on them to work closely together with us toward a shared goal. And best of all, it is a blast!

After the session, our staff gives feedback on the exercise, including how the participants used communication and collaboration during the process. You’ll probably find a lot of similarities between the skills required to escape the room and the skills needed for success in the workplace. After your session, you can debrief your team on the experience and reinforce the core values that serve as the foundation of your company.

Team-building through escape room games is not only a great way to see what your employees are made of, but also how well they can work together in a stressful and unexpected situation. Whether you have put together a new team and want to bond them in a way that is much more revealing than simple corporate ice-breakers or are wanting to have a veteran team freshen things up and reach for higher goals as they learn to embrace new challenges, a booking at Breakout Escape Rooms is a great way to achieve your corporate goals. 

So, if you are looking for corporate team-building activities in Saskatoon, look no further than Breakout Escape Rooms! We have a long-standing location as well as a brand new, second location about to be opening up - which on top of having even more fun-filled and challenging rooms, will also have a relaxed and casual Games Lounge to hang out in before or after your escape. At Breakout Escape Rooms, we put the “team” back in team-building by placing your group in a fun, fast-paced situation.Ready to put your team to the test? Don’t put off one of the most memorable experiences your employees will ever have.

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