• Jun 06, 2018
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  • Scott


Who doesn’t like a good old-fashioned game? To feel like a competitor? To accomplish something impressive? To rise up and be branded the winner amongst your best friends, family members, or even… your boss?

Everybody likes the chance to be a winner. It’s part of our human nature. Some of us try a little harder than others, some of us play just for the fun of it, and some of us live to win the game.

Here at BREAKOUT SASKATOON we all love to enjoy a game or two. Fun just so happens to be our middle name… and, as Saskatoon will soon see, breaking out of escape rooms is not the only thing we love to do when it comes to games.

And we would like you to play along with us for the next 10 days; because games are better with friends.



For the next 10 DAYS – JUNE 6TH – JUNE 15TH INCLUSIVE, we will be posting pictures that have to do with different well-known games that you have most likely played at some point in your life. Some of the picture riddles you may find easy. Some a little harder. And some just plain difficult. But what’s the fun of a game if there is no level of difficulty.

We will be posting some on our INSTAGRAM feed and some on our FACEBOOK page, so you will want to pay close attention as there will be no cross-posting – we can’t make it too easy on you ????.

Imagine Operation if there was no buzzer that you may hit if you don’t have a steady hand when you removed a rotten appendix!

The rules are pretty simple, too:

1)    Check our social media pages each day after 5pm for the next picture riddle.

2)    Make a list of ALL 10 picture riddle answers.

3)    Watch for a FINAL blog posting with an additional PUZZLE that you will also need to include in your Facebook Private Message.

4)    Private Message the LIST and the PUZZLE ANSWER to us on our Facebook site on June 16th by 5pm.


All entries will be entered into the draw for our MYSTERY PRIZE worth over $1000!

That’s right, a mystery PRIZE that consists of over $1000 worth of treasures, just for playing a little game of riddles and puzzles.

So, go ahead and test your knowledge and your memory and have a little fun with us at BREAKOUT SASKATOON!

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