Time to Re-Energize?

  • Apr 24, 2018
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  • Roberta

Suffering from Spring Fever? Re-Energize with an Escape Room

Spring can be a challenging time in many workplaces. After a long and cold winter, the arrival of spring can cause many workers to lose focus as they dream about warm days spent at the lake. While you are trying to push forward projects and meet deadlines, your workers may be more focused on changes in their personal lives such as the upcoming end of the school year, outdoor sports, and summer vacation. How can you keep your workforce engaged and excited so they’ll continue to perform and produce throughout  the year? For many companies, holding an event or outing is a key way to keep employees invested and energized about the task at hand. If you’re interested in planning something special for your team, consider going to an escape room! Breakout Escapes can provide you with a team building experience that will re-energize your group and create a cohesive unit.

Variety is one of the best ways to retain employee engagement. Instead of the usual boring team building seminar or lectures, try giving your team an experience. Experiences tend to be remembered long after a traditional gift has been forgotten or set aside. Booking an outing to an escape room game is innovative and unique. Your employees will have a fun story to tell afterwards and will likely speak positively about your business to their family and friends. Plus, going to an escape room has the added bonus of building your team’s collaborative skills as well as strengthen their communication skills.


Breakout Escape Rooms is one of Saskatoon's leading Escape Rooms for Corporate Team Building. We have hosted over 250 Corporate Groups for Team Building. Take your team to the next level and booking your interactive live escape room experience today.


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