The Expedition

  • Aug 02, 2017
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  • c. marie

We have been working so hard for the last month on the new game and we are so exited to announce that our newest addition "The Expedition" is now open for bookings! Play the sequal to "The Dead Professor's Society" today! 


"With the Death of your colleague, Professor Watson, it is now up to you to complete his great legacy. He has shared with you the rumours, stories and legends about an ancient artifact hidden deep in the Forbidden Jungle. The stories say that whoever possesses this great artifact will be given great power. Using the Professor's research you put together your own expedition team and strike out for the Forbidden Jungle. Will you unravel the mysteries of the Jungle? Will you complete the Professor's legacy and find the mysterious artifact?"

  • Original Location: 805 48th Street, Saskatoon --- The Game Lounge: 103 2750 Faithfull Ave, Saskatoon

  • 306-384-0014, or After hours (day time weekday) call 306-227-8171