It's a Party!

  • Jan 01, 2017
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  • Staff

We did it! We've reached our first anniversary.

I can't believe how fast the time has gone! It's been a crazy fun adventure - designing, building and running escape games that people love and love to play. It's kept us hopping and constantly growing and evolving our games to bring the best to our customers.

But more than anything, we have loved the friendships and connections we have made with so many of our customers.

Allow me to give a shout out to some amazing members of our team:

Robb is our resident puzzle and game design genius. Robb is responsible for some of your favorite puzzles at Breakout including the game, The Dead Professor Society. It's not often you will see Robb at Breakout as he works most of his magic behind the scenes. 

Kateyln is our longest running Game Master at Breakout. She has been with us from the beginning and we are excited to celebrate her upcoming one year anniversary with Breakout as well. Katelyn is highly recommended by our customers who love her enthusiasm and excitement for the game. When not working Katelyn can be found attending Centennial Collegiate, playing video games, watching Anime and drawing, in her free time. 

Sydney is another of our adorable rock star Game Masters. Always quick with a smile and a laugh, Sydney is a favorite of many of our teams. When she's not hanging out with us, she's attending school at St. Joseph High School, and creating and selling her bath bomb masterpieces through her own company, Fizz-tastic.

Carlie is the newest member of our team with the great hair. Carlie loves interacting with her teams and using her enthusiam to get her teams excited about their adventure. She can be heard at least once a day, saying how much she LOVES her job! When not at work, Carlie can be found hanging out at home with her menangerie of pets and creating incredible works of art.

Gordon is our set design 'specialist'. Gordon is a gifted artist who has also had a long career of building and designing theatre sets. He brings those skills to Breakout to help build creative immersive environments.

Richard and Andrew are our tech gurus! These two talented experts are responsible for building and implementing much of our technology in our games. Keep an eye on these two to bring you some amazing puzzles and games in the future!

Last but never least, is our hard working Owner, Game Designer, and Game Master..... Roberta. She can often be found at Breakout working either behind the scenes and under a pile of paperwork or greeting teams and sharing her passion for escape games and puzzles. She is always ready and willing to talk about the games and the puzzles to anyone who asks but beware... once she starts it's hard to get her to quit. On those rare occasions she's not at Breakout, she likes to spend time with her husband, three daughters and two dogs.... whew.. no wonder she's tired!

It's been a rollercoaster year as we can't wait to take on our next year with even bigger puzzles, better games and fabulous adventures! We love hearing from you, our customers about what we are doing right as well as what isn't working. 

Be sure to watch for our great contests, puzzles and prizes on our website and social media for our anniversary celebration and we look forward to seeing you at Breakout!


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