Date night at an room escape?

  • Apr 05, 2016
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  • Roberta

It's been a long couple of days/week/month and you finally have some down time available so you schedule a much needed date night. If only you could figure out what to do. You're tired of the same old routine of going to the movies. Dinner sounds good but then what? Looking for something fun and memorable to spice things up a bit? Do an escape room! 

Escape rooms are the perfect activity for a first date. No need to worry about making awkward conversation over dinner. The game is best played as a group of at least four people. This helps break the tension and puts everyone at ease with other players in the room. At first, you might think that being stuck in a room for an hour would make for terrible date idea but you can bet the bank that it will be the most fun you've had. It's extremely fun and so unique that it's a date no one will ever forget!

Escape rooms are inherently designed to encourage communication and team building. What better way to break the ice and get to know each other better? Perhaps you've been in your relationship for years? This is a great opportunity to work on those communication skills with each other. The problem solving you experience in an escape room can be rewarding in boosting your self esteem and confidence, making you more self assured. Plus, it never hurts to be the one to save your enitre team from perishing in a bomb explosion! You may be surprised at how well you work as a team.

An escape room takes a lot of the pressure off of a date by turning the focus of the date away from the participants and onto the game. It even allows for a little friendly competition between players. See who can figure out the puzzle, see who can find the hidden compartment... as long as you all work together to complete the room. 

Still want to head to dinner afterwards? No problem! You will spend the next hour or two talking about your adventure and how much fun it was. No more awkward pauses or silences as you rack your brain for something to talk about. In fact, you will most likely still be talking about it long after the night is over. Once it's time to head home, you'll marvel at how easy and relaxed the entire night was.

The next time you find yourself planning a date night, try an escape room. Whether it is a first date or one of many, it will be a memorable one.

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