Saskatoon Escape Rooms

  • Apr 01, 2016
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Saskatoon is a growing city! Unfortunately not everything has kept pace with the city's growth. Have you often been faced with another evening with only the 'same old' options available for going out and spending time with friends. Let's be honest, many of us are past the age of going to the bar every weekend, or are just looking for something else to do with our friends. It becomes the same rotation of activities.... movies, dinner, drinks. Sometimes, you may even mix it up with a little golf (full sized or mini). Bored? Saskatoon's escape room scene is exploding right now. Saskatoon currently has three escape room businesses up and running with a total of 8 rooms to play. It's great news for everybody! Each room is unique in it's own way with different themes, puzzles and storylines. We have three very different rooms here at BREAKOUT escape rooms. Our rooms vary in story, and difficulty. There is something for everyone! In fact, after you play one room, you will want to come back and play them all... and why not? I can't think of a better way to spend an evening with friends. 

  • Original Location: 805 48th Street, Saskatoon --- The Game Lounge: 103 2750 Faithfull Ave, Saskatoon

  • 306-384-0014, or After hours (day time weekday) call 306-227-8171