It's here....

  • Mar 08, 2016
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  • Roberta

It's official! We have launched our third escape room at BREAKOUT! Bookings are now available to play the MADD Laboratory. We are excited to bring you this room. We believe we have created the hardest escape room in Saskatoon for those who love puzzles and want a good challenge. You may need to play this room twice to get all the way to the end. It is unique to the city in that you will be separated from part of your group by means of a locked door. This room relies on strong team communication skills in order to help everyone escape the room. This room will require a minimum group of 6 players to play this room due to the configuration of the room and the difficulty of the puzzles. While this room is not scary, it does have disturbing content that is not appropriate for children under the age of 14. 

Do you consider yourself an escape room enthusiast? Do you think you are an expert? Have you only played one other escape room and are looking to do another one? This room is for everyone! Come and take on the challenge of the MADD Lab!

  • Original Location: 805 48th Street, Saskatoon --- The Game Lounge: 103 2750 Faithfull Ave, Saskatoon

  • 306-384-0014, or After hours (day time weekday) call 306-227-8171